Episode 26: Kimsey Self + Intermittent Fasting

Kimsey Self has completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program from the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) and is currently pursuing her PhD in Natural Medicine from International Quantum University, a school specializing in degree programs in natural and integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics. She has also completed additional training in functional medicine, including Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Brain Chemistry, and Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification. In this episode, Kimsey and Andrea discuss intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet as a therapeutic short-term solution, toxic overload and how our bodies are designed to heal. 


Learn more about Kimsey's work at progressivehealthandwellness.com.

Episode 25: Dr. Ed Carriere + Integrative Medicine

Dr. Ed Carriere was a traditional allopathic doctor working in intensive care before he got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and cancer. At that point in his career he did a 2 year integrative medical fellowship and shifted his whole mindset about medicine. He has become a wealth of knowledge for integrative cancer care and he is changing the world of health care with his approach to treatment.

We are thrilled that Dr. Carriere will be joining us at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th to talk about inflammation, the microbiome, and how it all relates to disease.

Episode 24: CBD is the New Kale

Christy Thiel joins us for the podcast to talk about the what CBD Oil is and what benefits it can bring to the body. As a nutritionist, Christy was looking for something to help people regulate inflammation. When she learned about CBD it was a game changer! Now Christy works with Functional Remedies to help educate practitioners about the uses and benefits of CBD.

Christy is joining us as the MC for our Wunder Health Summit on April 6th. She is a brilliant woman and will help to inspire us for this transformative mindshare!

Episode 23: Jacki Carr on Boundaries, Accountability + Purpose

Jacki Carr is a speaker, leadership consultant, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga inspired coaching movement. Jacki and Andrea get deep as they talk about transformation, listening to your gut, and how our limiting beliefs can be overcome. This episode will light you up and get you inspired to tap into your potential.

Jacki will be joining us as a speaker at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th, where she will get everyone inspired to listen to their gut. Learn more about Jacki’s work at Jackicarr.com

Episode 22: Dr. Blair + the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Blair talks with Andrea about the Endocannbinoid System and how it influences nearly every system of our body. Dr. Blair works with Elixinol to provide education and high quality CBD products to patients and practitioners. He also explains how CBD molecules work to up-regulate our system. In this conversation he clarifies the science behind CBD and shares some inspiring information on how CBD is making a huge impact in the treatment of disease and how it supports balanced moods and better sleep.

Episode 21: Balanced Gut Health = Balanced Mental Health

Janelle Devlin joins us to talk about the amazing work that Amare Global is doing to change the way that mental health is addressed. Janelle was a nurse and then transitioned into a more holistic approach. This podcast is all about the connection between our gut health and our mental wellbeing and how that can be addressed through the use of prebiotics and probiotics, and why it is more involved than just taking any strain of probiotics. Learn more about Amare Global products and Janelle's work, at MyGutBrainAxis.com

Episode 20: The Natural Path

Carl and Kimberley Malone, of The Natural Path, join us to talk about their work together as a naturopath and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. They focus on muscle response testing and using a heart sound recorder to get a fuller picture of their patients’ health. We are all energetic beings and Carl and Kimberley are all about using energy to heal both emotional and physical ailments in order to move people towards a space where they are maintaining health.

These are the links to the books and movie that were mentioned in this podcast:

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert

Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton

Movie - What the Bleep Do We Know

Episode 19: Your Health Starts in Your Mouth

Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall wellbeing? Diseases that start in your mouth have been linked to damaging effects in your body. This week, Dr. Sharla Aronson, a biological dentist, explains why our health starts in our mouth. 

Listen up if you have kiddos, because she gives some great tips for helping them start life with good oral hygiene, and she gives us adults some guidelines for balanced whole-body health. This interview covers heavy metal toxicity, fluoride, bacteria, and brings the discussion of health to the next level! To learn more about Dr. Aronson's practice check out Aronsonfamilydental.com

Episode 18: Dr. Scott Shannon + Innovation in Psychiatry

Sunday, March 10:  Dr. Scott Shannon, inspiring game changer in the field of psychiatry, joins us on the podcast this week. We talk about the use of MDMA and Ketamine to treat trauma and depression. In Dr. Shannon's experience, the tools currently being used in psychiatry are not effective.Depression is about to become the top disabling illness in the worlddespite being a heavily medicated nation, the US is seeing an increase in depression and suicide. As a nation, our nutrition has deteriorated, we get less sleep, use electronics more, we spend less time in supportive community environments----we are disconnected. Dr. Shannon wants to use symptoms as call to action instead of an invitation for overmedication. His practice looks at lifestyle diet, relationships, diet, work, work and abuse history. 

We are excited to be sharing this podcast this weekend right after the FDA has approved a new depression medication that Dr. Shannon talked about in this episode. If you are interested in learning about that new medication check out this article from the New York Times.

Listen where you enjoy podcasts or on WunderHealth.com

Episode 17: Sonder Grace + the benefits of CBD

Curious about what CBD is? Kathleen and Elaine the co-founders of Sonder Grace, a CBD company, chat with Andrea about CBD, how it helps inflammation, influences neurotransmitters, and the positive impact that it can have on your overall health. These women have created a great product and we are thrilled to have them join us as partners at the Wunder Life Wellness + Beauty Expo!

Learn more about their product and find out about becoming an affiliate on their website, SonderGrace.com.

Episode 16: In Defense of Rice + Beans with Dr. Elizabeth Ryan

Dr. Elizabeth Ryan is a leading microbiome researcher from Colorado State University. Her research focuses on how the diet influences the microbiome, some work includes studying rice and legumes and the impact they have on the microbiomes of colorectal cancer patients. Our conversation covers so much information from the importance of fiber intake, to the discussion of grain free diets, and the places that microbiome research is going that could radically alter our understanding of health. Listen to this episode and get a great understanding of what is going on inside of our guts and how our microbiomes can help us to be resilient if they are treated right!

We are thrilled that Dr. Ryan will be joining us at The Gut Check Summit and sharing her expansive understanding of this amazing universe inside of us.

Episode 15: Building Resilience with Adria Lake

Our bodies are resilient and adaptable. The more we challenge ourselves, the more resilience we can build. Adria Lake’s change in perspective came after her diagnosis with early on-set MS. She had worked in the wellness industry for 20 years and realized that for all of our efforts, we haven’t really prevented much and wellness has become an aspirational and unattainable concept. Adria's work is shifting consciousness for people and companies across the world, by teaching people to be connected to their bodies by not being in constant comfort. Resilience is intuitive and challenging, and those challenges open us up to a more curious, joyful life.

Find out more about Adria’s Resilience-based Wellness Principles and Philosophy at AWLakewellness.com and see her designs at AWLakedesigns.com.

Episode 14: Eating for Autoimmune Disease + Thyroid Conditions

Janine Martin Horst is a nutritional therapist and lead instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association. In this conversation, she and Andrea dive deep into the world of eating right for autoimmune diseases and thyroid conditions. Janine dissects the GAPS and AIP diets and enlightens us about what is happening in the gut when someone is healthy and when there is an immune reaction.

This conversation will teach you about how our bodies are resilient and designed to heal if you treat your gut right. Learn more about Janine’s work at taprootwellness.com and check out the Nutritional Therapy Association. NTA is offering their Foundational Wellness program for free to VIP Gut Check Summit guests, register for your VIP pass today!

Episode 12: Sex Your Temple with Stephen Harms

Stephen Harms, acupuncturist and author, joins Andrea for a conversation about SEX! His new book Sex Your Temple is a modern exploration of “left-handed meditations.” These are the once secret and sacred meditation techniques that are meant to move sexual energy throughout the body. This conversation explores the movement of energy to catalyze change, whether it be to hormone cycles or to rejuvenate immunity. Andrea and Stephen discuss the qualities of Yin and Yang energy, the social implications of a sexually repressed society, and the abundance of people who feeling starved for sex, love and attention. It gets deep folks! Join Wunder Health and this inspiring healer in this compelling conversation that may just make you take up meditation!
Stephen Harms’ new book, Sex Your Temple, is available through Wisdomvein.com.

Episode 11: Suzanne Carver + The Empowered Pelvis

Suzanne Carver is a yoga instructor and massage therapist who has studied extensively and now teaches women about the importance of their pelvic floors. After traveling around the world and studying with physical therapists, doctors, dulas, and healers, Suzanne now helps women dealing with incontinence, or pain, helping women who are preparing for childbirth, and beyond. Through her Empowered Pelvis series, Suzanne teaches women about their bodies, how to strengthen the pelvic floor area, and how to get comfortable with themselves.

To learn more about Suzanne’s work and find out how to sign up for her upcoming workshops, go to SuzanneCarver.com

Episode 10: Leslie Nance + Cultivating a Healthy Mindset No Matter What

Leslie Nance, radio personality, cancer survivor and cancer nutrition coach, tells us all about her experience fighting cancer and how that transformed her life. She zumba-ed through radiation and then became a plant-based chef, food blogger and a certified holistic nutritionist and cancer coach. When working with new clients, Leslie works on mindset, reducing fear, stress and anxiety around the disease. She works one-on-one, helping clients to create a map to build a healthy lifestyle and change their perspective on cancer. Leslie is an inspiring soul. See her work at go2kitchens.com and check out Fork it Over Radio.

Episode 9: Nicole Eckman + Finding Your Healthy Diet

Nicole Eckman joins us to talk about the intricate world of functional nutrition. Through her work at Enlightenment Nutrition, Nicole helps to guide people to the right dietary lifestyle choice for them! She often encourages new patients to keep a log of their food, or take note when they feel symptoms. The key for starting on the journey to finding your healthy diet is to listen to your body and let it provide signals.

In our conversation, we get into neurotransmitters and the all important brain gut connection, we talk about finding a balance in your diet between carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and finding what is right for you. Interested in intermittent fasting? We touch on that too. This conversation is packed full of with great information, tune in!

To follow Nicole’s work, go to http://enlightenmentnutrition.com/

Episode 8: 100 miles to recovery with Jon Van Dyke

We sit down with Jon Van Dyke, an ultramarathon runner, and his wife Brianna, to talk about what makes a person want to run 100 miles, what that is like for a family, and how running has helped him with recovery from addiction. Jon got sober three years ago. He knew all aspects of his life needed to change and that it was time to make some new habits. He joined a local running group and realized that there were a lot of kindred spirits in the community. Besides finding a group of people to help him as he made his journey into sobriety, he also found the inspiration to challenge himself. This August, Jon finished the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile race in Steamboat Springs, CO. We discuss his training, how the commitment of running 12-14 or more hours per week affected his family, what completing this run meant to him and those who love him. This was a truly heartwarming and inspiring story of family and overcoming the obstacles in life. Prepare to be inspired and maybe lace up those running shoes.

Episode 7: Katie Doble on Fighting Cancer + Writing a Memoir

We sit down with author and cancer fighter Katie Doble. She tells us all about her upcoming memoir, Love, Your Future Happy Self. Katie tells us about her journey to health during cancer treatments and beyond. Katie gets real with us about how cancer is a bitch and what she has done to deal with the challenges that cancer forced her to confront. Check in on Katie’s progress, read her blog, and keep an eye out for her book on her website, https://futurehappyself.com/ .