Episode 18: Dr. Scott Shannon + Innovation in Psychiatry

Sunday, March 10:  Dr. Scott Shannon, inspiring game changer in the field of psychiatry, joins us on the podcast this week. We talk about the use of MDMA and Ketamine to treat trauma and depression. In Dr. Shannon's experience, the tools currently being used in psychiatry are not effective.Depression is about to become the top disabling illness in the worlddespite being a heavily medicated nation, the US is seeing an increase in depression and suicide. As a nation, our nutrition has deteriorated, we get less sleep, use electronics more, we spend less time in supportive community environments----we are disconnected. Dr. Shannon wants to use symptoms as call to action instead of an invitation for overmedication. His practice looks at lifestyle diet, relationships, diet, work, work and abuse history. 

We are excited to be sharing this podcast this weekend right after the FDA has approved a new depression medication that Dr. Shannon talked about in this episode. If you are interested in learning about that new medication check out this article from the New York Times.

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