Episode 12: Sex Your Temple with Stephen Harms

Stephen Harms, acupuncturist and author, joins Andrea for a conversation about SEX! His new book Sex Your Temple is a modern exploration of “left-handed meditations.” These are the once secret and sacred meditation techniques that are meant to move sexual energy throughout the body. This conversation explores the movement of energy to catalyze change, whether it be to hormone cycles or to rejuvenate immunity. Andrea and Stephen discuss the qualities of Yin and Yang energy, the social implications of a sexually repressed society, and the abundance of people who feeling starved for sex, love and attention. It gets deep folks! Join Wunder Health and this inspiring healer in this compelling conversation that may just make you take up meditation!
Stephen Harms’ new book, Sex Your Temple, is available through Wisdomvein.com.

Episode 11: Suzanne Carver + The Empowered Pelvis

Suzanne Carver is a yoga instructor and massage therapist who has studied extensively and now teaches women about the importance of their pelvic floors. After traveling around the world and studying with physical therapists, doctors, dulas, and healers, Suzanne now helps women dealing with incontinence, or pain, helping women who are preparing for childbirth, and beyond. Through her Empowered Pelvis series, Suzanne teaches women about their bodies, how to strengthen the pelvic floor area, and how to get comfortable with themselves.

To learn more about Suzanne’s work and find out how to sign up for her upcoming workshops, go to SuzanneCarver.com

Episode 10: Leslie Nance + Cultivating a Healthy Mindset no matter what

Leslie Nance, radio personality, cancer survivor and cancer nutrition coach, tells us all about her experience fighting cancer and how that transformed her life. She zumba-ed through radiation and then became a plant-based chef, food blogger and a certified holistic nutritionist and cancer coach. When working with new clients, Leslie works on mindset, reducing fear, stress and anxiety around the disease. She works one-on-one, helping clients to create a map to build a healthy lifestyle and change their perspective on cancer. Leslie is an inspiring soul. See her work at go2kitchens.com and check out Fork it Over Radio.

Episode 9: Nicole Eckman + Finding Your Healthy Diet

Nicole Eckman joins us to talk about the intricate world of functional nutrition. Through her work at Enlightenment Nutrition, Nicole helps to guide people to the right dietary lifestyle choice for them! She often encourages new patients to keep a log of their food, or take note when they feel symptoms. The key for starting on the journey to finding your healthy diet is to listen to your body and let it provide signals.

In our conversation, we get into neurotransmitters and the all important brain gut connection, we talk about finding a balance in your diet between carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and finding what is right for you. Interested in intermittent fasting? We touch on that too. This conversation is packed full of with great information, tune in!

To follow Nicole’s work, go to http://enlightenmentnutrition.com/

Episode 8: 100 miles to recovery with Jon Van Dyke

We sit down with Jon Van Dyke, an ultramarathon runner, and his wife Brianna, to talk about what makes a person want to run 100 miles, what that is like for a family, and how running has helped him with recovery from addiction. Jon got sober three years ago. He knew all aspects of his life needed to change and that it was time to make some new habits. He joined a local running group and realized that there were a lot of kindred spirits in the community. Besides finding a group of people to help him as he made his journey into sobriety, he also found the inspiration to challenge himself. This August, Jon finished the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile race in Steamboat Springs, CO. We discuss his training, how the commitment of running 12-14 or more hours per week affected his family, what completing this run meant to him and those who love him. This was a truly heartwarming and inspiring story of family and overcoming the obstacles in life. Prepare to be inspired and maybe lace up those running shoes.

Episode 7: Katie Doble on Fighting Cancer + Writing a Memoir

We sit down with author and cancer fighter Katie Doble. She tells us all about her upcoming memoir, Love, Your Future Happy Self. Katie tells us about her journey to health during cancer treatments and beyond. Katie gets real with us about how cancer is a bitch and what she has done to deal with the challenges that cancer forced her to confront. Check in on Katie’s progress, read her blog, and keep an eye out for her book on her website, https://futurehappyself.com/ .

Episode 6: Beauty + Life Rituals, A Pathway to Self Love

On today's show, we chatted with Sierra Goldstein, creator of H2a Botanicals organic beauty line + true queen of intention and ritual. Sierra digs deep about the importance of self love and care and how she developed a product line with high vibration and the intention to be a vehicle to pass on ancient rituals. Find out more at H2aBotanicals.com.