Episode 37: Paradigm of Practice with Victoria LaFont

Victoria LaFont is the found of Paradigm of Practice and an instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Victoria's work is all about transforming the way that healthcare works. She wants a collaborative community of practitioners to work together to make healthcare practical. In this episode, she gives some tips for maintaining your health and also reminds us to tap into the things we love and that make us happy.

Episode 36: Tidy + Flourish

Melissa Jean, is trained in the Konmari method of tidying. We chat about the benefits of tidying and the major impact that tidying has had on Melissa’s relationships with the items that she has and what she purchases. Melissa is the founder of Tidy + Flourish, where she helps people as they embark on their tidying journey. Join us for a discussion focused on joy, gratitude and positive life changes.

Learn more about Melissa's work on her website.

Episode 35: Notox with Terry Fox

Cosmetic Acupuncture + Inside Out Beauty

Terry Fox, a cosmetic acupuncturist, talks with Andrea about the Chinese Medicine approach to beauty and aging. Overtime, our faces express our emotional energy and this is considered "earning your face," but the fact is not everyone loves the lines that come with age. Terry and Andrea discuss fillers and natural alternatives like cosmetic acupuncture and how Chinese Medicine approaches beauty from a holistic health perspective. Terry gets real and addresses men and vulnerability because everyone cares about how they look and health creates beauty.

Episode 34: Eating Disorders, Fertility Issues + Educating Yourself to Live a Health Life (part 2 of 2)

Ann Kaemingk joins us on the podcast to talk how she became an environmental health consultant  who is passionate about educating people about the products they use on themselves and in their homes. Her story of disordered eating and infertility is truly inspirational. Enjoy part two of this two part conversation!

Episode 33: Eating Disorders, Fertility Issues + Educating Yourself to Live a Health Life (part 1 of 2)

Ann Kaemingk joins us on the podcast to talk how she became an environmental health consultant  who is passionate about educating people about the products they use on themselves and in their homes. Her story of disordered eating and infertility is truly inspirational. Enjoy part one of this two part conversation!

Episode 32: Understanding Hashimotos and Thyroid Conditions with Megan Anderson

Andrea talks with Megan Anderson a nurse practitioner that works with a functional medicine doctor. They take a deep dive into the thyroid to understand where these issues come from. They discuss Hashimotos and how most thyroid testing doesn't cover the actual indicators for decline. You'll learn a few tips on how to take the pressure off your thyroid to allow it to heal.

Learn more about the clinic that Megan works at, visit balancedwellbeinghealthcare.com. The water filter that is mentioned in this episode is the Aquagear filter. Learn more here.

Episode 30 : Balancing Your Qi with Dr. Meghan Gray

Dr. Meghan is a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is completing a Masters Degree in Functional Nutrition. She works as a general practitioner, addressing a wide range of health concerns for people of all ages and she does cosmetic acupuncture to address the age old desire to look good and feel good (naturally)! She spent her doctoral research working with combat veterans dealing with PTSD. And in this episode, Dr. Meghan helps us to understand PTSD from a western medicine perspective and through the lens of Chinese Medicine.

We recorded this episode in January 2019, since that time Dr. Meghan’s private practice, Balanced Thistle, has grown and she has her grand opening in her new space on May 1st, 2019. At the end of the episode, we detail some of the specials she is running for the month of May. Learn more about her work at balancedthistle.com.

Episode 29: Changing the World of Probiotics + Health with Spores

Kiran Krishnan is a microbiologist who studied probiotics and saw several problems: probiotics aren’t well regulated by the FDA, the amount of bacteria in a pill can vary from the time of production to when they are taken, and how are they supposed to survive in the harsh environment of our stomachs? So, he looked to the past and asked where our ancestors got exposed to microbes? The answer was that they got them from their environment. This inspired Kiran Krishnan to look at environmental bacteria that can act as probiotics and survive the journey into the gut. That is how Microbiome Labs ended up working with spores.

This episode will blow your mind! This work is changing the world of probiotics and health. Learn more about at www.microbiomelabs.com

If you are a licensed practitioner and interested in carrying the Microbiome Labs line of products in your practice, you may register for a free account here: http://bit.ly/2Jwqycl

If you are a patient or retail client looking to order any of our products, you may visit the following link and find a licensed practitioner near you who carries the Microbiome Labs line: http://bit.ly/2JuZqKH

Episode 28: Everyone Deserves Access to Health

Joanna Yaromy and Andrea discuss access to health and the changing landscape of health care in this country. Yaromy is a gamechanger working to make integrative healthcare more accessible and accepted through her work as the program director of the Integrative Health Program at Front Range Community College. Her work is challenging the status quo and she is making major positive changes in the world of health care!

Episode 26: Kimsey Self + Intermittent Fasting

Kimsey Self has completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program from the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) and is currently pursuing her PhD in Natural Medicine from International Quantum University, a school specializing in degree programs in natural and integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics. She has also completed additional training in functional medicine, including Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Brain Chemistry, and Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification. In this episode, Kimsey and Andrea discuss intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet as a therapeutic short-term solution, toxic overload and how our bodies are designed to heal. 


Learn more about Kimsey's work at progressivehealthandwellness.com.

Episode 25: Dr. Ed Carriere + Integrative Medicine

Dr. Ed Carriere was a traditional allopathic doctor working in intensive care before he got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and cancer. At that point in his career he did a 2 year integrative medical fellowship and shifted his whole mindset about medicine. He has become a wealth of knowledge for integrative cancer care and he is changing the world of health care with his approach to treatment.

We are thrilled that Dr. Carriere will be joining us at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th to talk about inflammation, the microbiome, and how it all relates to disease.

Episode 24: CBD is the New Kale

Christy Thiel joins us for the podcast to talk about the what CBD Oil is and what benefits it can bring to the body. As a nutritionist, Christy was looking for something to help people regulate inflammation. When she learned about CBD it was a game changer! Now Christy works with Functional Remedies to help educate practitioners about the uses and benefits of CBD.

Christy is joining us as the MC for our Wunder Health Summit on April 6th. She is a brilliant woman and will help to inspire us for this transformative mindshare!

Episode 23: Jacki Carr on Boundaries, Accountability + Purpose

Jacki Carr is a speaker, leadership consultant, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga inspired coaching movement. Jacki and Andrea get deep as they talk about transformation, listening to your gut, and how our limiting beliefs can be overcome. This episode will light you up and get you inspired to tap into your potential.

Jacki will be joining us as a speaker at The Wunder Health Summit on April 6th, where she will get everyone inspired to listen to their gut. Learn more about Jacki’s work at Jackicarr.com

Episode 22: Dr. Blair + the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Blair talks with Andrea about the Endocannbinoid System and how it influences nearly every system of our body. Dr. Blair works with Elixinol to provide education and high quality CBD products to patients and practitioners. He also explains how CBD molecules work to up-regulate our system. In this conversation he clarifies the science behind CBD and shares some inspiring information on how CBD is making a huge impact in the treatment of disease and how it supports balanced moods and better sleep.

Episode 21: Balanced Gut Health = Balanced Mental Health

Janelle Devlin joins us to talk about the amazing work that Amare Global is doing to change the way that mental health is addressed. Janelle was a nurse and then transitioned into a more holistic approach. This podcast is all about the connection between our gut health and our mental wellbeing and how that can be addressed through the use of prebiotics and probiotics, and why it is more involved than just taking any strain of probiotics. Learn more about Amare Global products and Janelle's work, at MyGutBrainAxis.com

Episode 20: The Natural Path

Carl and Kimberley Malone, of The Natural Path, join us to talk about their work together as a naturopath and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. They focus on muscle response testing and using a heart sound recorder to get a fuller picture of their patients’ health. We are all energetic beings and Carl and Kimberley are all about using energy to heal both emotional and physical ailments in order to move people towards a space where they are maintaining health.

These are the links to the books and movie that were mentioned in this podcast:

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert

Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton

Movie - What the Bleep Do We Know

Episode 19: Your Health Starts in Your Mouth

Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall wellbeing? Diseases that start in your mouth have been linked to damaging effects in your body. This week, Dr. Sharla Aronson, a biological dentist, explains why our health starts in our mouth. 

Listen up if you have kiddos, because she gives some great tips for helping them start life with good oral hygiene, and she gives us adults some guidelines for balanced whole-body health. This interview covers heavy metal toxicity, fluoride, bacteria, and brings the discussion of health to the next level! To learn more about Dr. Aronson's practice check out Aronsonfamilydental.com