Episode 8: 100 miles to recovery with Jon Van Dyke

We sit down with Jon Van Dyke, an ultramarathon runner, and his wife Brianna, to talk about what makes a person want to run 100 miles, what that is like for a family, and how running has helped him with recovery from addiction. Jon got sober three years ago. He knew all aspects of his life needed to change and that it was time to make some new habits. He joined a local running group and realized that there were a lot of kindred spirits in the community. Besides finding a group of people to help him as he made his journey into sobriety, he also found the inspiration to challenge himself. This August, Jon finished the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile race in Steamboat Springs, CO. We discuss his training, how the commitment of running 12-14 or more hours per week affected his family, what completing this run meant to him and those who love him. This was a truly heartwarming and inspiring story of family and overcoming the obstacles in life. Prepare to be inspired and maybe lace up those running shoes.